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Gaining visibility through better data management
Driving the change through Project Online

Over the last few years, Salazium's consultants have worked with a large number of globally-renowned organisations, from various industries. Guiding internal teams through the learning curve ensures an effortless transition. From developing and launching new products to implementing company-wide EPM systems, goals are reached quickly and, above all, practically for every client we work with. Please find below some of the industries Salazium worked with:

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Aviation

  • Telecom & Media

  • Pharmaceutical

  • High-tech

  • Financial Services

  • Public Sector

  • Manufacturing & Industrial

Some example of our projects are listed below:

Project online has the benefits of being available almost all the time and having constantly new features added. Some organizations are happy to have their data stored in the cloud and using project as a software as a service.

In this particular project the client was looking to migrate from the on premise to the online version, improving in the same time the governance around demand management and how an idea moves through the approval gates until it reaches the delivery and closing stages, followed by the benefits realisation phase.

In today's world when we have so much data at hand, the pressure is on analysing the data and making sure the relevant aspects are highlighted to the organization.

This project involved an entire re-organization of data stored in various tools (such as SharePoint) and increasing the analytics of data by exposing large amounts of data through reporting and search capabilities allowing proper data analysis.


The aim for this project was to make sure the future state of any enterprise project management tool supporting the 3P processes matches the organizations requirements from multiple perspectives like:

  • Portfolio Management

  • BI and reporting

  • Resource Management 

  • Cost and Benefits Management

  • Governance and Workflows

When a new project starts the project manager is usually handed with a scope, budget and timeframe for the project.

With the implementation of Project Server this large Oil and Gas organization was looking to make sure their budgeting process was supported by a tool so they can get better insights into how their budget is used, which projects are likely to go over budget and any budget increases (or decreases)  are going through a change management process.

Identify future state for 3P supporting tools
Better insights and capital budgeting processes
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